Make your plants shine and help keep the bugs away!


Neem oil is an all-natural pesticide that carries antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. Spray directly onto plants to prevent bugs, or use it with a cloth to wipe down leaves.


Ingredients: neem oil, water, dish soap


Two washable cloths are made of a blend of cotton and cellulose (wood pulp) that can be used directly on plant leaves for dusting or cleaning. 

  • Absorbs up to 12Xs its weight with liquid
  • Lasts up to 6-12 months with care. Squeeze out water and lay out to air dry when done.
  • Dishwash and machine washer safe.
  • Compostable at the end of life


When you order, you will get a variety of patterns for the cloths. You can see a sample of the patterns through the photos.


What is included:

1 amber spray bottle

16 oz. of pre-mixed neem oil solution

2 washable cloths for shining and cleaning leaves


Neem Oil Plant Cleaner Kit