Have oily skin? For clearer, cleaner, less oily skin use a gentle all-natural product.


The Rose Face Clay Mask is all-natural and easy to use!


Clay has been used for many years on the skin for its natural properties and its gentle ability to soak up excess oil from the skin.


Why We Love It:

  • Great way to deep clean your face without the harshness of other facial cleaners
  • Simple ingredients that are all-natural and nontoxic
  • Smells and feels great
  • Vegan friendly and Paraben free
  • Crueltly free and not tested on animals
  • Handmade locally


How To Use:

  • Mix 1 tbsp of rose face clay mask powder with 1/2 tbsp water or 2/1 ratio clay mask powder to water for desired amount
  • Apply the clay mask to your face
  • Leave on for 10 minutes until the clay mask dries, then gently wash off with water 
  • Use once or twice a week on desire areas 


What You Get: Each packet contains roughly 8 face mask applications


Ingredients: Pink clay, White clay, Rose, Oats


Handmade with love by 1lessbottle

Rose Face Clay Mask